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Born and educated in Sweden, Sjögren is something of a creative chameleon. She has been a successful fashion designer in Stockholm, a prop and interior designer in London and founded cutting edge design agency ‘DO Original ltd’ 2000.

Having spent over two thirds of her life travelling and living abroad Sjögren has kept a diary documenting some of her thoughts and ideas. Cultural heritage and tradition are very important to Sjögren. In some of her artwork she tries to capture what she describes as a country’s ‘soul’.

Sjögren has born witness to major political and societal shifts that have taken place through revolution, natural disasters and violence. Observing the contrasts between privilege and poverty has influenced her ideas making her interpretations and her work distinctive. This combined with the fact that she speaks four languages and that her family is spread over five countries is the reason her work is autobiographical.
Sjögren has developed a very personal body of work that embodies her love and experience of her world travels. This offers a glimpse into a visual diary of childhood, memories and symbols from her home all brought together with a humorous twist.

The work is the vehicle for her concepts and as such she has the courage and expertise to build art in whatever medium and dimension she feels will get her message across. The communication between artwork and viewer is intended to be very direct.

Sjögren has an extraordinary affinity with colour and by using very precise tones and hues she creates contemporary pieces that are clean, uncluttered and have a Scandinavian feel. Her work has a unique visual impact and her approach is bold and ambitious. This artist has the ability to foresee trends and pick out what has the potential to become a design classic. Her own work reflects this natural sensibility.

Dogs by agnetha

London-based Swedish designer Agnetha Sjögren has been creating one-off art dog sculptures since 2006. They have received extensive press coverage in various editorial publications such as Vogue, Elle and Design Week as well as being shortlisted for the Summer Show at The Royal Academy of Arts.

“The art-dogs started because I got tired of all people telling me that their dog was nice! I am afraid of dogs and I wanted to show people what a ‘nice’ dog is.
My dogs don’t eat bark, jump, bite, drool or need to go out for a poop.
They sit or stand ‘nicely’ all day long, you can come and go as you please without having to worry about them…
Now that is a ‘nice’ dog!

Currently being sold to art collectors and luxury brands in the USA, Canada, the UK, Holland, Sweden and Japan they are adored around the world. They have been invited to fashion shows in New York and Moscow as well as having been recently exhibited at the high-end fashion store Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.

These one-off handmade sculptures are authenticated with their own personalised name tag, collar and unique story detailed within a signed mini passport. Limited edition prints of 25 are also available of some of the dog sculptures. Bespoke edition sculptures can be made to order upon discussion of your requirements.

Agnetha is currently working on a selection of stainless steel and bronze dog sculptures in different sizes and also limited flags collection of large-scale wall-pieces.