Reflections in Canal du Midi

Reflections in Canal du Midi

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Martin Groen was born on March 21, 1959 in The Hague. He signed from an early age. His father signed and painted regularly and his brother made etchings and pent drawings. He also fascinated by his Scheveningen grandfather who, on the back of cigarless boxes, zeilloggers signed with supreme sailing in the storm on the high seas.

His work is an oasis of color. Blooming fields and water reflections are painted by the 's-Gravenzand artist from an unusual position: a high horizon and sometimes the horizon even lacks, but always in a strong impressionistic handwriting, in which rhythm and tranquility form a perfect harmony. His subjects are classic, but the themes bear the benefits of original perception and original vision.

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Acrylic on canvas (aluminum framework)

Artist Martin Groen
Dimensions 100 x 160 cm