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About Us

Modern art is for everyone

Modern art is located in the city of Leiden and has more than 600m2 art collection. The gallery is easily accessible from the highway and has free parking in front of the door. From our location in Leiden we participate in international art fairs to represent our artists. On international art fairs, modern art also seeks new innovative and promising artists, which we regularly add to our art collection.

You will also find the art of promising artists in our collection that is for sale during our art fair participles, in our gallery or via our website. Through our international experience we have contact with specialized carriers to deliver your purchased works of art anywhere in the world. For more information you contact us.

Online Purchase

Modern art is offering online purchases. We Will Take Care of the World Wide Shipment and Insure Your Artwork from By TO. You will be able to easily chose your artwork and we take care of the rest.

Everyone is welcome

At modern art Everyone is welcome. Our ArtCollection Includes A Wide Selection of Various Artworks and Sculptures or National and International Well Known Artist.

Local Displays

Some or Our Art is Displayed at Local Stores and Restaurants to Give It The Attention It Deserves. You can find it at places like allemansgeest, Einstein and the Stadholder.

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Feel Free to Contact Us For Any Information About Our Artworks Or to Make An Appointment For A Viewing.