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38 products

About Herman Brood

It was always clear to Herman Brood that he had construction and ambition to join the art world. He does not limit himself to a way to express his creative mind. Already from an early age he was concerned with drawing and painting. He also took piano lessons and discovered his passion for music. Herman is ultimately broken with his music and grew into the Dutch embodiment of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. At the same time, he remained interested in the visual arts and sold paintings for large amounts.

Herman bread art

The artworks from Herman Brood are characterized by the use of thick black lines and primary colors. The choice of primary colors is mainly based on necessity, since Herman was color blind. He got a lot of inspiration from the works of the Cobra group. The Cobra group was a group of young artists from Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam who was active after the Second World War.

After bread in the death in 2002 Cobra Museum In Amstelveen to see a first overview exhibition of his work, with photos, made by his friend, the photographer Anton Corbijn. Previously the work of bread museum was never recognized. However, there were many lovers and his paintwork was sold well.

In April 2017 in Zwolle on the Blijmarkt 21 the Herman Brood Experience Started where the work of Herman bread can be admired. The visitor gets a glimp through photos, objects, film and sound in the life of the artist born in Zwolle. The Herman Brood Experience shows a wide collection of Herman Brood, from the private collection of friend and initiator Ivo de Lange, widow Xandra Brood, daughter Lola and both sisters from Herman. It is about letters, drawings and poems, written by him and painted on canvas, pieces of paper and beer mats. There are also personal items from bread yourself. Never previously showed photos, guitars painted by him, garments, painting material and even his syringe needles.

Paintings by Herman Brood for sale

View the many beautiful artworks from Herman Brood in the collection of modern art. All Paintings by Herman Brood displayed in the collection are for sale. Of course it can be difficult (online) to buy art. Do you have the opportunity to come to Leiden? Then a visit to the modern art gallery is definitely worth it. You will find a varied collection of works of art from the most diverse artists that we also sell in the webshop. Read more about the Gallery of modern art.