Hans Jochem Bakker

About Hans Jochem Bakker

Hans Jochem Bakker (1948) lives and works in the Netherlands. He's an autodidact from an ancient art family. Inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali, Picasso and Miro, he has taken over parts of their southern temperament in his theme, such as a special interest in bull fights, birds, horses and women. In his earlier period he mainly followed in the footsteps of Salvador Dali, using themes full of mystical and nightmare-like images. This resulted in very detailed, extremely beautifully painted visions, and his way of working became expressionistic. The artist had freed himself from his self-imposed straitjacket and from the new work spoke from the beginning to the unbridled joy of that liberation. As spontaneous as possible, honest, straight from a passionate artist's heart. Everything is in motion, and that is also the main reason to keep painting. This completes the painting process and makes the painting a unity of form, colour and movement.

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