Guy Olivier

Guy Olivier makes a very beautiful painting with his refined techniques with a nice thick paint. His works are located worldwide in collections of art collectors, making it special to mention that we can show it to you. The joy of life splashes from it and that Guy had fun on his work when he made it clear to everyone. Few Dutch artists can express the Burgundian sense of life as visual and accurately, completely in French style.

56 products

56 products

about guy olives

Guy Olivier is born in 1964 in the heart of Maastricht. As the son of a baker, it was obvious that he had a cooking course in Antwerp, but soon the artistic urge to make signed menus emerges. He successfully follows various training courses in graphics and painting and is fully committed to the life lessons offered by Maastricht and then Amsterdam. Then dive in, among the beautifully written lists of corridors and dishes, exotic scenes From women who are immersed with their derriere in crystal champagne flutes with crumbling jugular legs and oysters, an image of a happy looking cow with numbered pieces of meat with butcher names on its flanks, the baroque skirts of drunk cakes. This so-called 'place du jour' Increasingly attract the attention of guests in the Amsterdam restaurants and contribute to his artistic breakthrough in 1996.

Within a few years Guy will have a series of recurring exhibitions in the most eloquent galleries of that time in the capital and he lives entirely on the art. Since 2007, Guy has lived in Luik, the "croissant noir de la Meuse", according to Mr Jacques BrelYeah. Guy experienced a new artistic phase there, more than ever inspired by the atmosphere of the exuberant South. In the meantime he has developed a highly personal style, in the field of graphics, but also in the installation of objects faithful and especially his famous paintings. The interest of galleries and art lovers from home and abroad continues to grow and his work has now been included in the collections of great names. Guy has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 2016. Guy's newest works have recently been seen in his Chambre d'Art, in his studio in the Short Prinsengracht.

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