The colorful works of your Shen

Your Shen

Your Shen was born in Jiangxi, China, in 1973. After studying at the Guangzhou Academy of art, he enrolled at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. In 1998 he graduated with good grades. Your Shen immediately showed a talent, a great technique, and a strong desire to create a new medium of artistic expression by blending Eastern traditions with the teachings of leading 19th-century artists from America and Europe. Your Shen is a contemporary Asian artist whose work merges traditional East Asian landscape painting with European Impressionism.


European Impressionism

Impressionism was a radical art movement that emerged at the end of the 19th century, mainly around Parisian painters. Impressionists rebelled against classical subjects and embraced modernity, with the desire to create works that reflected the world they lived in. What United them was a focus on how light could define a moment in time, with color as the definition instead of black lines. The Impressionists emphasized the practice of the ' square air ' painting, or painting outside. Impressionism, which was initially mocked by critics, has since been embraced as one of the most popular and influential art styles in Western history.


East Asian landscape painting

For more than a thousand years, the most admired works of art in China and Korea have reflected a deep appreciation for nature. Although the subjects of East Asian secular paintings are diverse - landscapes, flora and fauna, figural representations and narrative scenes - the landscape paintings have been given a place of Honor. The works in this part are Korean landscapes from the Chosŏn dynasty (1392-1910) and Chinese landscape paintings by literators and professional artists from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

The term for landscape painting in East Asia, it means "mountain and water" (Chinese shanshui; French: sansu; Japanese: sansui)- fitted with a genre in which these elements occur, usually in the form of a large mountain, and a waterfall and rolling hills along the river. Painted landscapes, whether real or imaginary, evoke the feeling of being in nature and offer a virtual means of escaping the hardships of city life.

During the Song Dynasty (960-1279), naturalistic representation was the main goal of Chinese painting. During the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), literary painters - scholars who mastered the art of the calligraphic brush - rejected the polished, conventionally realistic works of professional artists and instead glorified the expressive value of brushwork. While the landscapes of court painters and professional artists in the successive Ming and Qing dynasties achieved impressive topographic realism, influential literary artists and art critics of these periods propagated the ideal of landscape painting as an expression of the artist's learning, ethics, and personality. This concept also gained popularity in Korea during the Chosŏn dynasty and within certain schools of Japanese art during the Edo period (1615-1868). In particular Korea took a lot of Chinese aesthetic and cultural values over and transformed them over time into New, clearly Korean styles.

Je Shen's paintings are a 'melting pot' of styles and influences, creating a medium of artistic expression that intersects cultures. This melting pot of styles, impressions and influences was fundamental to the development of an intense routine of art exhibitions. His first major art event took place in 2008, when the Guangzhou Museum inaugurated a permanent solo exhibition for his works. In recent years he has participated to more than 90 solo and collective exhibitions worldwide. Today, Shen is considered one of the most promising artists in the world of Asian Contemporary Art. By using sophisticated and effective painting techniques wisely, he captures viewers in a magnetic collision of lighting, optical illusions and elegant brushstrokes. Magical floral spheres, in which color and three-dimensionality the viewer constantly through a vortex of visions and emotions lead. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean specialised press have all shown great interest in this young artist, who is widely regarded as one of the most fascinating contemporary artists of the last few years.

Soothing scenes of cities and nature, adorned with exuberant spring blossoms or colorful autumn leaves, are recurring themes in original paintings by your Shen. The artist uses thin acrylic paint for his backgrounds, while painting the flowers thickly with oil paint, creating a lofty appearance. The result is an image with an enchanting depth, not only in the texture of the canvas but also in the landscape itself, as if it invites the spectator to step into this extraordinary world.

His art has been on display in the most renowned galleries of Beijing, New York and Singapore. In 2016 he signed an important exclusive contract with the Italian Gallery Palma Arte, for the European and American art market. Thanks to his peculiar and revolutionary technique, he has been awarded many awards and has received attention in Art Asia Pacific, Kolaj and Asia Art Archive. The future of your Shen is certainly promising and bright. In January 2018 he became selected for the prestigious Art STAGE Singapore 2018.

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