The wonderful art of Dion V

Live action painter Dion Varossieau grew up in the Brabantse Culemborg and is a race-real entertainer. Singing and acting are not strange to him, and as early as young he also discovered a love of painting. Dion is known as a colorful, driven, and hyperactive stoutward ball. He painted cars, built and sold four escaperoomcaravans, designed a shoe for the Rotterdam brand Mascolori, and collaborated with couturier Ronald Kolk.

As DionV, the name under whom he is known in the art world for more than 10 years, he makes live action paintings and is among other things the mastermind behind the Near Death Experience: Europe's biggest haunted house in Amsterdam.

Live action painting

Live action painting is a way of working in American and Europeanabstract expressionist artandinformal paintingof the 50 years of the XXth century where the act, the first of the making of the making is the starting point. The great figure of abstract expressionism in the United States isJackson Pollock (1912-1956).

Its roots are in theSurrealism, in that vision of surrealism in which 'the automatic' is central-the associative technique, the écriture automatique in literature and, applied to painting, the 'automatic' signs/act, as it was developed strongly by among others the abstract surrealistAndré Masson, which had a lot of influence on the later Americanabstract expressionism.

The art critic Rosenberg came up with the conceptaction painting-1952. In Europe, in particular,Mathieu Georges Mathieuwhich presented in France action painting in theatrical performance and so anticipating the later art formperformance.

It's a form of abstract art where the painter is confronted with a usually large canvas as the principal reality, which he is dealing with. The artist tries to convey the action, the geste of it making, onto the canvas. The artwork is a reminder of the act, the action (for example, the rhythmic Drips of paint "over all" on a large canvas).

Action painting is therefore a spontaneous painting, in which the movements of the painter are clearly identifiable. Not what is depicted is important but it is ‘are in the work of the artist ' through the spontaneous act of making.

Jackson Pollock, the main painter of this technique, uses the dripping technique. This technique where paint is splashed on a huge cloth, drizzled (Dripping), sprayed and measured, resulting in an extremely complex network of coloured lines. In this "over all paintings", the work loses the traditional reference frames of height, width and depth and any reference to perspective.

Dutch live action artists

Contemporary Dutch live action painters areMenno BassHein van HoutenMerijn Kavelaars, Robbert Buys, Remko Lion and Dion Varrosieau. Although their paintings do not happen "by chance", the paint appears to be gauze on the canvas. The canvases are nevertheless deliberate, but the speed of the paint area is "caught", just like that was the case with, for example,Karel AppelandBram Bogart.

Where artist blood

The art of painting has been in the blood of the Varossieau family for years. Dion's distant ancestor was Andrea Verrocchio. That was the teacher of Leonardo Davinci from 1470 to 1477. No doubt the hand of his teacher will still find his way back into the present work of Varossieau. With his quirky work and live painting, Dion continues the tradition of his family.

Once the largest paint factory in Suriname was in the hands of the Varossieau family, where paint was produced under the same name. The factory was later sold to the well-known paint brand Histor. The Varossieau family is still in the verfindustrial and art world. His grandfather Olivier Varossieau owns some art galleries in the home and abroad. Dion's uncle is a well-known artist in Aruba, Harold Bronswinkel. Dion's cousin Louis Varossieau owns galleries in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, London and Moscow.


Varossieau draws on his inspiration from music, colours, fragrantions, emotions of anger, sex, love and people. He has a say in what people find, hunting for his dreams, and making art that he really likes. That ' s to be seen and palpable in its very expressive work.

All the emotions that stem from the oppression of now, Dion processes in his art. The end result imagines a powerful energy that appeals to the viewer and inspires it to find its own story in the image. During a number of years of painting, he mastered basic techniques and materials. In his own style, Varossieau dares to mix unusual materials. The result is a layered structure that provides its colourful images in expression. This is shown, among other things, in the work 'DRIPPING MAGIC'.

In the meantime, the young artist has created several canvases and exhibits his canvases and work in many places at home and abroad. In addition to his creative input into his work, he also works on paintings. Dion is inspired by his client so that the corresponding work of art fits in with the environment where it will be hanging by the new owner.

Varossieau occurs during various festivals, concerts and events. His performance is inspiring and a real experience. His 'Live Action Painting' is experienced by many as a unique experience. Within a short time, Varossieau shows live on location as to how a painting emerges. He takes you in a game between colours and emotion, this makes the end result breathtaking. With each booking, the made canvases are immediately intended for the customer.

A unique addition for, for example, a product presentation, business party, or private matter. For festivals excellent to combine with a band or DJ. DionV paints on the music which also produces a special result. The possibilities are inexhaustible, just like his passion for painting.

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